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about LINK

Linking the science of fluid, efficient movement to the pursuit of every individual’s optimal foundation for performance.

LINK Advanced Movement Mechanics

Every one of us, from the average person right through to the professional athlete, develops postures and patterns of movement that are unique – shaped by habit, experience, injury. These patterns form the basis of our capacity to perform the activities that matter to us.

Link Advanced Movement Mechanics is a system. Our mission is to assess movement, identify triggers that may be causing pain or limiting range of motion, and guide you through a tailored training program that will stabilize, strengthen, and facilitate increased freedom of movement and improved function.

Link Advanced Movement Mechanics
Every Body

Every Body

Everybody can move better & feel better


Link Performance

Optimizing movement for athletes


Link Education

Inspire, engage & empower your clients

We collaborate with:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Sports Medicine Doctors
  • Performance Coaches
  • Strength, Conditioning Coaches
  • Personal Trainers

as just another chain in the link of professionals working towards an end goal of fluent, confident, unrestricted pain free movement and improved performance.

Link Advanced Movement Mechanics

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