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LINK performance

Taking your athletic performance
to the next level begins here.

Link Advanced Movement Mechanics

LINK Performance

Every sport requires a careful, precise execution of skills. Athletes are required to move through multiple planes in complex combinations and adapt to rapidly changing situations, but still manage to do so in the most efficient manner possible.

Most of us have imbalances that impact the way we perform activities, but if you are an athlete you can’t continue to ‘wallpaper over the cracks’ with strength and power without experiencing injury or performance plateaus.

Our program for high-performance athletes peels back the layers and starts at the beginning by examining movement habits and improper strategies that may be creating barriers to performance. We work outwards – from the needs of the athlete to the needs of their sport, always ensuring that the work we do integrates with the physical and technical elements of your overall training program.

Building on a scientific base of Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy we work on specific movement patterns appropriate to your needs and help you get the right muscles firing at the right time and in the right sequence.

Our personalized plan re-educates the brain and nervous system to work correctly. Once this is established you can train to be faster, stronger and more powerful.


Our program for high-performance
athletes lets you train to be faster,
stronger and more powerful.


How we work with you

  1. Assess You; your current movement patterns, identify potential weaknesses and compensatory patterns to establish a baseline.
  2. Relate the test findings to your needs, your activity or sport. Examples include: overall mobility, range of motion, balance, body alignment, weight transference, rotation, coordination of the upper and lower body.
  3. Design a program to activate the correct muscle groups in proper sequencing for both stability and mobility.
  4. Teach you to gradually increase the complexity, coordination and load (i.e. endurance) until they meet the demands of your sport or activity.
Link Advanced Movement Mechanics